- My twins, Hannah and Elizabeth always look forward to making something creative at take, make, create... and have lots of fun. It's good for them to see that they can make something really inspiring with a few materials.

Sam - February 2014


- Thank you Diana for creating such a fun and inspiring birthday workshop for Jasmine. She has had great fun and learnt some essential skills. She's also banked some happy memories with happy friends - win, win! 

Kal - February 2014


- Sophia looks forward to take, make, create... every week. She gets an opportunity to get away from academic work, practise new skills, express her creativity and brings home new pieces at the end of each session... All this along with spending a fun time with friends!


Sophia said, "T-shirt customising at my birthday party was so special. My friends and I had a fun and fashionable session, filled with beads, knotting, cutting and drawing. I still wear my funky t-shirt!" 

Nykkie - October 2014


- What can I say... Diana is just brilliant. She is filled with fun and creativity. She keeps Lora 10, Victoria 7, Stella 4 totally immersed in her craft projects. My kids can't wait to spend time with her again!

Preslava - December 2014


-It's fun, it's creative... my girls Filipa, Rebecka and Olivia love going to take,make, create... workshops and parties!

Erika - January 2015  


- Diana offers such a wonderful learning opportunity in a fun and friendly session. Amelie and her friends were so proud of the Tote bags that they made from scratch. No kid can fail to warm to her.

Caroline - March 2015


- Vinnie and Manisha were so excited to show my their hanging art. They had a stimulating and hands on experience with new children. The kids really enjoyed doing something new, being guided and encouraged to create something beautiful with so many new materials.

Janet - April 2015


- Alex (7 Yrs) loved her session with Diana at the take, make, create... Summer Club. She had lots of fun making funky jewellery and little note books with a small group of children. Diana supervised throughout and inspired the kids to make some inspiring creations. I would highly recommend Diana’s class to children of primary school age.

S. Robson - July 2015


- Tyler really enjoyed the activities and he always finds making things a calming experience. It's nice because he can see an end result plus there is no right or wrong way to do things. take, make, create... benefits him greatly as he can express himself without the pressure of having to read or write.

Lorraine - July 2015


- I've been to a take, make, create... summer workshop with my kids Hamza aged 4 and Asma 2 and a half. They enjoyed their day and were so proud to show off their masterpieces. It was very nice for me as well to share this time with them. Diana was very professional. She knew how to talk to the kids and kept them focused on the task. Definitely recommended for everyone!

Karine - July 2015


- My children loved the craft sessions. I liked the recycled materials that they used. Bessie said, " it was fun decorating pots, I like how Diana explained how to do things, then we could design it anyway we liked!" John said "I enjoyed everything!" Viola had so much arty fun with her friends! I have recommended take, make, create... to my friends.

Anne - July 2015


- Diana's craft workshop was such a fun and productive experience for the kids which I would highly recommend!  When I collected Chanelle and Ralphy after their session, their little faces were beaming with such pride with what they'd created. They were filled with excitement to present them as their special handmade gifts to their Mum's.  Diana is a wonderful and inspirational tutor who really helps bring out the creativity in the children giving them a great sense of achievement - a beautiful sight to see. 

We look forward to what the next session will be!

Kim - July 2015


- My Daughter Hannah has really enjoyed Miss Diana's workshops. They have encouraged her to be more creative.

 Alex - August 2015


- Diana guides Louise, Clara, Elvis in creating the most amazing art/objects from various re-used items (hangers, re-used clothing, toilet rolls etc). On top of engaging the children with their creative side, Diana's workshops are a great way to raise awareness in re-using as opposed to disposing. Add this to Diana's wonderful personality and love of children... I can not recommend her courses more.

Karin- September 2015