take, make, create... introduces and develops the importance of fun that derives from connecting ideas with creative and practical techniques, processes and skills. 

Being thrifty is at the forefront of the experience. Carefully designed sessions and individually sourced materials, along with vast expertise are combined to form transferable skills, at stimulating and enjoyable workshops.

take, make, create... intends to highlight how "thriftiness", up-cycling, thinking outside the box and viewing things differently (whether it'd be a bottle, tupperware, jar or work, family, responsibilities), has a guaranteed positive outcome.

Each session is meticulously timed and co-ordinated to engage participants in an easy-going, social, yet educational and fun environment. End products represent achievement, no matter the outcome. Comfortable and casual learning is translated into priceless, personal as well as practical knowledge.




take, make, create... celebrates and encourages creative living, seeing and being. We explore identities and feed individuality through creative and artistic expression.

My vision is to provide priceless opportunities for busy people, to be free, inquisitive, excited, ready, brave and hungry for experience... to be open to new ventures, being in touch with themselves and all those around them.

These opportunities are mere moments, which open grander doors to seeing creatively, "doing life" with a dose of fun, uninhibitedly choosing and transferring practical as well as emotional knowledge to everyday choices, routines and being.