take, make, create... presents opportunities for those of all ages, experience and social backgrounds to explore and practise creative processes.

Workshops are designed to free people from responsibilities and restricted thinking, venture into the unknown, try new things, encourage individuals to think outside the box and develop new skills... even if it's only for a moment in time! 

We create workshops for all occasions, from weekly craft sessions and after work groups, to baby showers, afternoon teas, lunch and dinner clubs, birthdays, festivals and shows.

We offer 16 projects, for you to choose from. Alternatively, there is a bespoke option which can be discussed directly over the phone or via email. We tailor the workshops to suit your requirements and are open to all themes and suggestions!

Session co-ordinators carry out workshops in chosen venues including your own home. We can also suggest locations in Central London, where we have strong relationships with boutique cafe's and spaces. 

Sessions last from 60 minutes to all day. At the end of each session, the final products are ready to be taken home as gifts, a new project or keep sake!

take, make, create... intends on relieving you from the stresses of party planning and entertaining. We supply all of the carefully sourced materials, look after the set up, form the ideas and smoothly co-ordinate sessions. All you have to do is turn up and be ready to have fun!!

Enjoy browsing our activity options. Please contact us via our contacts page for any further information.

Happy discovering!!