Diana established take, make, create... in 2013 following a vast career in fashion, youth work, parties and events.  

take, make, create... was born from Diana's educational, professional, occupational and cultural background, consisting of Arts, Crafts, Fashion Design, Styling, Theatre and Millinery. 

Diana's British, Vietnamese heritage, enables for her to view and interact with the world through a unique perspective. 

Deriving from a working class background, Diana was surrounded by frugality and has invented effective alternatives to conventional luxury. She discovered her creative solutions to fashion and formed a colourful lifestyle for herself, by merging curiosity with technicality, skills, patience and an acute eye for style, which has led to her irrefutable individuality.

Throughout Diana's university education at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, Diana encountered and collaborated with people from all walks of life. Her experiences, passion for travel and inquisitive nature has led towards her mission to share the benefits of creativity. She aspires to communicate her fruitful world with those who seek excitement, positive outlooks, adventure and solutions to problems via fun and innovative methods. 

Post graduating and pursuing an eye opening career in Fashion for 7 years, Diana accidentally realised her passion for creativity and people. She decided to dedicate her journey towards enabling those of all ages, economical and social backgrounds, experience and expertise to explore and partake in creative thinking through her carefully designed workshops. Diana uses her knowledge and references to guide people in viewing objects and creative processes in new light. She sets out to highlight liberating and economical benefits in being thrifty and developing transferable skills, within safe, encouraging, experimental and social environments.

Diana passionately envisions take, make, create... transporting modern people from their hectic routines, technological devices and distractions, towards engaging with themselves and those around them, stimulating positive, real and individual growth.   

take, make, create... aids personal, emotional and intellectual development. We provide opportunities to restore and reconnect.